Research in Progress

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  • Using a Natural Experiment in the Taxicab Industry to Analyze the Effects of Third-Party Income Reporting(with James Alm, Brett Collins, Michael Sebastiani, and Eleanor Wilking). Under Review
  • Small Business Tax Compliance under Third-Party Reporting (with James Alm and Timothy Harris). Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Public Economics.
  • Using the Synthetic Control Method to Quantify the Effects of Shocks, Policies, and Shocking Policies. Under Review
  • Information Disclosure, Audit Rates, and Corporate Reporting (with Jason DeBacker and Erin Towery)
  • The Economic Effects of Payroll Tax Cuts (with Timothy Harris)
  • Pass-Through of a Really High Excise Tax
  • The Economic and Behavioral Effects of a Value-Added Tax: Firm-level Evidence from France

Other Publications